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Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest 2015

Winning Entry
Author: Julie Warther
Driftwood beach wondering if it's too late to put down roots
Winning Entry
Author: Andrew McLellan
Caressed by sea air
oranges swell with the sight
of Gogoshima
Winning Entry
Author: Bernhard Kopf
menage a trois
on a citrus tree
summer dreams
Winning Entry
Author: Steliana Christina Voicu
orange blossoms --
on the piano lid
a sky full of stars
Winning Entry
Author: Helen Buckingham
a yen
for the ferryman
Winning Entry
Author: Hidenori Hiruta
spring pedaling
on the marine road
through the islands
Winning Entry
Author: Marshall Hryciuk
the wake
of an upstream eel
in dawn's light
Winning Entry
Author: Jacek Margolak
marina --
I cast anchor
near the moon
Winning Entry
Author: Steven Clarkson
Matsuyama bay
ancestors come and go
with the tide
Winning Entry
Author: Kaori Kuga
after the storm
whose life will go on
nobody knows
Excellence Award
Author: Sheila K. Barksdale
the way an old dog
settles his chin on your knee
Excellence Award
Author: Deb Koen
airport sunset
cherry notes
in the sake
Excellence Award
Author: Yukiko Yamada
life goes on
though my bike isn't here
spring breeze
Excellence Award
Author: Peng Liu
part-time job
wearing a pirate's skull cap
sunken boats
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