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HAIKU magazine contest (Romania) 2015

First Award
Author: Zoran Doderovic
First day of spring.
A little girl drawing the sun
on the sidewalk
Second Award
Author: Midhat Hrncic Midho
Image of the Moon
streaked by a flock of birds
just for a while
Third Award
Author: Boris Nazansky
End of October
in the vase without flowers
stale-smelling water
Senryu First Award
Author: Frans Terryn
Walking in the woods
a chestnut drops on my head:
autumnal greeting
Senryu Second Award
Author: Carl Seguiban
After the funeral
the onion moves him
to tears
Senryu Third Award
Author: Amativa Dasgupta
Meeting with boss
I knot and then unknot
my tie
Author: Dimitrij Skrk
An empty field--
a forgotten scarecrow
in late autumn
Author: Angele Lux
Window moon--
the quiet sound between
tick and tock
Author: Ljubica Sporcic
With thin threads
a spider knitted a fly in
a white cradle
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