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2013 Harold G. Henderson Memorial Award

First Place
Author: Temple Cone
flies wait it out
under a cow's chin
spring shower
Second Place
Author: Michele L. Harvey
the saw changes
its tune
Third Place
Author: Elizabeth Steinglass
snow field
the earth marked
by fallen angels
Honorable Mention
Author: June Rose Dowis
setting sun
an accordion squeezes
the night air
Honorable Mention
Author: Ernest J. Berry
no moon
the click of stilettos
on cobblestones
Honorable Mention
Author: Mike W. Blottenberger
flowing estuary
native languages
long gone
Honorable Mention
Author: Neal Whitman
in the hot tub
my eyes on her floating breasts
Hunters Moon
Honorable Mention
Author: Scott Mason
rosebud unfolding
the seed packet left behind
in Revelations
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