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IHS International Haiku Competition 2013

First Prize
Author: John Barlow
   over the eggs
they laid too soon
  late falling snow
Second Prize
Author: Quendryth Young
         sun's out
a drop on the lily pad
  changes to green
Third Prize (Equal)
Author: Scott Mason
the faint melody
  of a carousel
 swirling leaves
Third Prize (Equal)
Author: Ian Storr
       winter's end
  fence wire ripples
in the wake of a coot
Highly Commended
Author: Ernest J. Berry
sacred ground
red geraniums
where they fell
Highly Commended
Author: Marion Clarke
       winter garden
my father's swing seat
        still creaking
Highly Commended
Author: Robert Davey
       dawn grey
 the scratch of a claw
from the sleeping dog
Highly Commended
Author: Cynthia Rowe
        on the pine
a feather stiff with sleet
          ice moon
Highly Commended
Author: Jennifer Sutherland
    dusk shadows
   a peacock's cry
across the paddocks
Highly Commended
Author: Quendryth Young
  spring birdsong
a common cuckoo
       barges in
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