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IHS International Haiku Competition 2012

Judge: Anatoly Kudryavitsky

First Prize
Author: Alan S. Bridges
gale-force wind
a bird's nest becomes
what it was
Second Prize
Author: Steven Carter
wind in tamaracks—
whispering to shadows,
Third Prize (Tie)
Author: John Barlow
drawing the geese
from the stubble fields
the pink-tinged sky
Third Prize (Tie)
Author: Ernest J. Berry
funeral march
the crunch crunch crunch
of cicada husks
Highly Comended
Author: Owen Bullock
on the piano
photos of the ones
who don't visit
Highly Comended
Author: Tracy Davidson
April showers
my inside-out umbrella
drowns a snail
Highly Comended
Author: Cathy Drinkwater Better
November dusk
a cloud of sparrows rounds
the weathered silo
Highly Comended
Author: Scott Mason
end of summer
the busker's trouser cuffs
collect burs
Highly Comended
Author: Conor O'Neill
the late swallow passes
the first bat
Highly Comended
Author: Cynthia Rowe
stone steps
an electric ant takes
the handrail
Highly Comended
Author: Julie Warther
spring equinox
chaise lounge claimed
by the swollen river
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