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2012 Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi Memorial Haiku Contest

Each poem was required to contain one (and only one) season word from the assigned list: first reading, year of the dragon, swallows return, lengthening days, ants, summer end, harvest moon, autumn sea, frost, bean soup.

Judge: Emiko Miyashita

First Prize
Author: Roberta Beary
frost-covered window
I add a rubber ducky
to the buddle bath
Second Prize
Author: Gregory Longenecker
under the table
my knee touches my grandson's
the lengthening days
Third Prize
Author: Margaret Chula
restless autumn sea
remnants of Fukushima
arrive at our shores
First Honorable Mention
Author: Roberta Beary
your share of our life
fits neatly into boxes...
sky swallows return
First Honorable Mention
Author: joan iversen goswell
making bean soup for
my old mother and humming
the songs she once hummed
First Honorable Mention
Author: Poppy Herrin
reaching summer's end
a newspaper boat sets sail
for the horizon
Second Honorable Mention
Author: joan iversen goswell
rising harvest moon
a tractor's headlights heading
down a distant road
Second Honorable Mention
Author: Mimi Ahern
spattered and faded
his index card recipe
of navy bean soup
Second Honorable Mention
Author: Tracy Davidson
year of the dragon
my future mother-in-law
slips me her room key
Second Honorable Mention
Author: Linda Papanicolaou
an eighth grader's voice
changes during announcements—
these lengthening days
Second Honorable Mention
Author: Jerald Ball
with lengthening days
the sound of the dog's toenails
on a hardwood floor
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