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2012 Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award

Judges: Melissa Allen and Carlos Colon

First Prize
Author: Scott Mason
      nautical chart
   I touch the depth
of my mother's ashes
Second Prize
Author: Duro Jaiye
slave quarters...
the shapes of their shadows
in this dust
Third Prize
Author: Susan Constable
shades of blue...
the deer's remaining eye
cradled by bone
Honorable Mentions (Unranked)
Author: Margaret Chula
winter dusk
my grief released
from the crow's throat
Honorable Mentions (Unranked)
Author: Michele L. Harvey
formation of geese—
a log opens
to the woodsman's maul
Honorable Mentions (Unranked)
Author: Kirsty Karkow
I seem to be
an intermittent shadow...
summer clouds
Honorable Mentions (Unranked)
Author: Scott Mason
       bitter wind
the towhee's song
       three notes short
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