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2010 WPA Francine Porad Haiku Contest

Judge: Penny Harter

First Place
Author: Susan Constable
blue on blue
a dragonfly taps
the skylight
Second Place
Author: Carmi Soifer
the shell's story inside the inside
Third Place
Author: Ernest J. Berry
clouded moon
the ocean moves
First Honorable Mention
Author: Dean Summers
in an open jar
of sage, the desert
after the rain
Second Honorable Mention
Author: Seren Fargo
traveling the creek
that bears her name—
my mother's ashes
Third Honorable Mention
Author: Billie Wilson
ripening plums
outside our bedroom window
...and the far dawn
Fourth Honorable Mention
Author: C.R. Manley
heat wave—
mouse circling the bottom
of the rain barrel
Fifth Honorable Mention
Author: Ruth M. Yarrow
full moon—
white-barked alder leans its light
back into sky
Sixth Honorable Mention
Author: Dean Summers
late summer eve—
white coals on the lid
of a Dutch oven
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