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2010 Haiku Presence Award

Judge: Martin Lucas

First Place
Author: John Barlow
a stoat arcs into undergrowth thin winter moon
Second Places
Author: Stephen Gould
Spring rain
I've upset
the little stack of coins
Second Places
Author: Quendryth Young
evening star
   a patterning
        of bats
Second Places
Author: Kathy Lippard Cobb
the newborn's hand
brushes my breast—
white camellias
Second Places
Author: John Barlow
the cries of lapwings
in the darkness
halo of the moon
Author: Pamela Brown
café breeze the beaded curtain's quiet chatter
Author: Kate Hall
in the dark
I cradle snow
on my tongue
Author: Ann Thomas
the river high
the toll-keeper's chickens
lose half their run
Author: Clare McCotter
estuary mud
bleached in moonlight
boat bones
Author: Lorin Ford
slow day
the ant keeps returning
to stanza one
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