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2000 Jack Stamm Haiku Award

First Prize
Author: John Bird
boat harbour
an old fisherman moored
by his handline
Second Prize
Author: Vanessa Proctor
bushfire season
from dry leaves
the crackle of lizards
Third Prize (tie)
Author: Kilmeny Niland
half caught in a dish of stars
rising moon
Third Prize (tie)
Author: Fiona Johnston
rowing me upstream—
the steady breathing
of wood through water
Author: Jesse Glass
winter rain
the blind boy
on the train
calls out the stations
Author: an'ya
day moon—
the odour of walnuts
on our breath
Author: Fiona Johnston
overtaken, I ride
in the slip-stream
of your after-shave
Author: Mark Power
child chasing
nothings with butterfly net
catching them
Author: Rowan Donovan
sleeping cat
belly full of purrs
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