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1999 Haiku Presence Award

Judge: Jackie Hardy

First Prize
Author: Ernest J. Berry
   early to bed
a wild winter night
 in the downpipe
Second Prizes
Author: Ernest J. Berry
      snowed in
this frothy cappuccino
    too hot to drink
Second Prizes
Author: H. F. Noyes
ripe guava fruit—
its sharp scent pierced
by parrots' screeches
Author: Muriel Ford
visiting her grave
  everywhere the sounds
  of nestlings
Author: David Rollins
autumn afternoon—
in fresh concrete
the pattern of a leaf
Author: Paul David Mena
each time the train stops
  a mother resumes
     her lullaby
Author: Yvonne Hardenbrook
late snow
on kindergarten windows
paper daffodils
Author: Garry Gay
in the pampas grass
geese shadows
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