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2006 Haiku Presence Award

Judge: Stuart Quine

First Prize
Author: Sheila K. Barksdale
eventide: salmon nets
strung across an estuary, the bent backs
of fishermen
Second Prizes
Author: Ronald Rubin
a sudden storm—
closing my eyes
I lean on the wind
Second Prizes
Author: Frank Williams
grey spring morning...
just one car in the road
dotted with blossom
Author: Pamela Brown
sun breaking
through storm clouds—
gorse amongst the heather
Author: Ian Storr
Sheep in the churchyard—
on the last day of summer
more rain from the west
Author: John Barlow
rushing shallows
a blackcap warbles
his short song
Author: John Barlow
storm break—
all of the angles
in the martin's flight
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