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1994 Gerald Brady Memorial Award

First Place
Author: David Gershator
making sure
nothing grows
the rock gardener
Second Place
Author: John Stevenson
too quick to reply
cutting my tongue
on the envelope
Third Place
Author: Lynda La Rocca
Grandfather's funeral
Cousin Kate, air kissing,
Spies a mirror, checks her makeup.
1st Honorable Mention
Author: Marilyn Taylor
in a semi circle
retired sisters watch
"Wheel of Fortune"
2nd Honorable Mention
Author: Marc Arvid White
with her Virgo horoscope
                she tries Pisces
3rd Honorable Mention
Author: Lawrence Rungren
first time
at the zoo my son
watches the people
4th Honorable Mention
Author: Jim Kacian
antiquities room
the curator asks
"So what's new?"
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