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1995 Gerald Brady Memorial Award

First Place
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
clicking off the late movie...
    the couch cushion
Second Place
Author: Connie R Meester
opening night...
missing the entrance
of the night blooming cereus
Third Place
Author: D. Claire Gallagher
Forgetting his underwear
the one with so many
frequent flier miles
Honorable Mention
Author: D. Claire Gallagher
summer concert
fanning myself faster
during the scherzo
Honorable Mention
Author: John Stevenson
overmatched boxer
his eyes closed
before the fight
Honorable Mention
Author: Elizabeth St Jacques
yard sale:
she takes the baby crib
back into the house
Honorable Mention
Author: Diane Tomczak
his toe
answers mine
a truce begin
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