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2006 Gerald Brady Memorial Award

Judges: D. Claire Gallagher and Carolyn Hall

First Place
Author: Roberta Beary
first date—
the little pile
of anchovies
Second Place
Author: Daniel Liebert
mistaking telephone
for doorbell—
I let loneliness in
Third Place
Author: Kenneth Elba Carrier
a deaf man grabs
the other's hands
Honorable Mention - First Place
Author: Kenneth Elba Carrier
crossing the hopscotch
two old women
avoid the lines
Honorable Mention - Second Place
Author: C.R. Manley
dentist's obituary—
common interests
we could never talk about
Honorable Mention - Third Place
Author: Garry Gay
As if it were spring
the green mold
on the cheese
Honorable Mention - Fourth Place
Author: Roland Packer
psychic fair
she brushes some dirt
from the cards
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