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2007 Gerald Brady Memorial Award

Judges: Ce Rosenow and Francine Banwarth

First Place
Author: Scott Mason
inviting aromas...
      the hostess asks
            will it just be me
Second Place
Author: Scott Mason
our pilot hopes
to see us again real soon
the intercom clicks
Third Place
Author: Carolyn Hall
candlelight dinner
she fingers the rose
to see if it's real
Honorable Mention
Author: Collin Barber
stale cookie
I give away
the fortune
Honorable Mention
Author: Ernest J. Berry
     wrong date
the thickening skin
     on her latte
Honorable Mention
Author: Anne Maud Godles
a new boyfriend
the same lingerie
enticing again
Honorable Mention
Author: Marylouise Knight
feeling the shape
of the wrapped gift
I put on a polite face
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