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2008 Gerald Brady Memorial Award

Judges: Alexis Rotella and Scott Mason

First Place
Author: David Grayson
street corner memorial—
my four-year old
asks for the balloon
Second Place
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
busy Italian restaurant—
happy birthday
sung to the wrong table
Third Place
Author: Margaret Chula
Tokyo vending machine
  the long line
    behind the foreigner
Honorable Mention
Author: Kenneth Elba Carrier
old palm reader...
my life line
her longest yet
Honorable Mention
Author: Marian Olson
engagement ring
      he decides
      it looks real enough
Honorable Mention
Author: Catherine J.S. Lee
parade march—
the old vet with canes
refuses to ride
Honorable Mention
Author: Robert F. Mainone
first day of school
her brother's backpack
with legs
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