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1990 Harold G. Henderson Memorial Award

First Place
Author: Charles B. Dickson
silent cathedral
      stained-glass apostles
      dimming with dusk
Second Place
Author: R.J. Trayhern
           up the path
to touch that one oak
in last night's dream
Third Place
Author: Jim Boyd
dry leaves
the old archer
curves his eyebrow
Honorable Mention
Author: William Cullen Jr
soft rain—
the new grave
looks old
Honorable Mention
Author: Dee Evetts
morning sneeze—
the guitar in the corner
Honorable Mention
Author: George Swede
a lone car going the same way
as the river
Honorable Mention
Author: Thomas Michael Tico
First days of summer...
   already the leaves gather
      beneath the sycamores
Honorable Mention
Author: Lee Gurga
fall leaves the trees the winter sky
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