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1991 Harold G. Henderson Memorial Award

First Place
Author: Bill Pauly
      she enters
      the earth on her knees
Second Place
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
an old woolen sweater
         taken yarn by yarn
                     from the snowbank
Third Place
Author: Elizabeth Searle Lamb
a white horse
drinks from the acequia
           blossoming locust
Special Award
Author: Alyson Pou
sunlight shines red
through my father's thumb
on the steering wheel
Special Award
Author: John Thompson
          two women crying
one giving birth
          the other being born
Special Award
Author: vincent tripi
Approaching the family plot...
my furled umbrella
turns into a cane.
Honorable Mention
Author: Marc Arvid White
Chernobyl victim—
fingers pressing the plastic
to his wife's caress
Honorable Mention
Author: Christopher Herold
                          cloud shadow
           long enough to close
the poppies
Honorable Mention
Author: June Moreau
The thick clang
of a cowbell
the sun deepens
Honorable Mention
Author: Sydney Bougy
in the smaller room
more fragrant
Honorable Mention
Author: Vicki Silvers
Ninety winters
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