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1994 Harold G. Henderson Memorial Award

First Place
Author: Alice Mackenzie Swaim
Old garden chair
sagging with the weight
of a single leaf.
Second Place
Author: Helen K. Davie
after the stroke...
watching only the half of your face
that smiles
Third Place
Author: Peggy Heinrich
City window
mountains and pines
etched in frost
Honorable Mention
Author: Garry Gay
Autumn deepens
an empty snail shell
explored by an ant
Honorable Mention
Author: Christopher Herold
early morning sun
     scattered on the table
          several grains of salt
Honorable Mention
Author: Gary Hotham
no one will miss
melt in her hand
Honorable Mention
Author: John Stevenson
bright leaves
     blow through
         her dream house
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