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1995 Harold G. Henderson Memorial Award

First Place
Author: Leatrice Lifshitz
letting the branch go
a shower of petals falls
on the old woman
Second Place
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
toll booth lit for Christmas
from my hand to hers
warm change
Third Place
Author: Jim Kacian
winter seclusion
tending all day
the small fire
Honorable Mention
Author: Helen K. Davie
on the path
only one of us
touched by a falling leaf
Honorable Mention
Author: John Stevenson
winter, bedtime
    static flickers
         through a white sleeve
Honorable Mention
Author: Ruth M. Yarrow
warm river—
up to our necks
in sunset
Honorable Mention
Author: Jeanne Emrich
beneath the ice
the waterfall
                   still falling
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