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2000 Harold G. Henderson Memorial Award

First Place
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
 meteor shower—
  a gentle wave
wets our sandals
Second Place
Author: Yvonne Hardenbrook
        mountain hike
we drink from the beginning
        of a great river
Third Place (shared)
Author: Tom Clausen
spring sun—
        high in his arms
               the newborn is shown
Third Place (shared)
Author: Marian Olson
to know
             its heart beats too
Honorable Mention
Author: LeRoy Gorman
    lethal injection
unable to shut
the blind dog's eyes
Honorable Mention
Author: Peggy Heinrich
   end of summer
the shape of his feet
  in his sneakers
Honorable Mention
Author: Linda Jeannette Ward
  Geronimo's grave
someone has left
  plastic flowers
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