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2002 Harold G. Henderson Memorial Award

First Place
Author: Marjorie Buettner
loon calls
my daughter drawing circles
near the fire
Second Place
Author: Billie Wilson
summer evening—
from across the meadow
a call to supper
Third Place
Author: Michael Fessler
shivering on the roof
I rub my palms together
meteor shower
Honorable Mention
Author: John Thompson
     ocean breeze—
a strand of seaweed
     steadies the kite
Honorable Mention
Author: Ross Figgins
autumn rose—
      even as I sketch the wind
           more petals fall
Honorable Mention
Author: Doug Hunt
Humid July—
from the stove the smell
of old fires
Honorable Mention
Author: Harvey Hess
the wind of autumn
a homeless man warms himself
hand to mouth
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