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1996 HPNC San Francisco International Haiku and Senryu Comp

Judges: vince tripi (Haiku) and D. Claire Gallagher (Senryu)

Haiku First Place
Author: Helen J. Sherry
moving day
a dove-call settles
in the chimney
Haiku Second Place
Author: Jim Kacian
spring melt—
the flat-bed leaks
on the uphills
Haiku Third Place
Author: Lee Gurga
morning twilight...
horse asleep in the pasture
covered with frost
Haiku First Honorable Mention
Author: Garry Gay
Along the trail
trading one walking stick
for another
Haiku Second Honorable Mention
Author: Laurie Stoelting
back country—
    in the folds of my topo map
           the rise and fall of mountains
Senryu First Place
Author: Marianna Monaco
the double pleasure
of seeing you again
Senryu First Honorable Mention
Author: Tom Clausen
another year
stripping down for her
       sweet corn
Senryu Second Honorable Mention
Author: Christopher Herold
marble hallway—
the child's scream
longer than her scream
Senryu Third Honorable Mention
Author: John Stevenson
he locks down
the roller coaster
toothless grin
Senryu Fourth Honorable Mention
Author: Lee Gurga
flight out of Vegas—
arms crossed
six across
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