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1993 HPNC San Francisco International Haniku and Senryu Comp

Judge: Hal Roth

First Place Haiku
Author: vincent tripi
Last trace
   of the birth steam in the meadow
      the morning star
Second Place Haiku
Author: Tom Clausen
early morning fog—
in the cereal bowl
the spoon clinks
Third Place Haiku
Author: James Chessing
off chemotherapy—
    one by one, great egrets depart
        the marsh willow
First Place Senryu
Author: vincent tripi
the weightlifter's Adam's apple
goes up & down
Second Place Senryu
Author: Paul O. Williams
the men's room
with piped-in light rock—
one by one we dance
Third Place Senryu
Author: Kenneth Leibman
Quaker Meeting—
through the open door the sound
of a small boy's wee
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: anne mckay
beneath the green bay tree
a broken shell
                        a broken song...
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Kohjin Sakamoto
the winter sun...low,
lower at each stroke of
this weathered mattock
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Margaret Saunders
the stained glass Robin's
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Esther Davis
TV tennis,
all the players
on the sofa
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Muriel Ford
alone               not caring
passing wind near the pig farm
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