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The Book of the Week Archive is a second, electronic and selective look at the life’s blood of haiku, the individual collection.

Nearly every important haiku poet has published at least one collection (and in some cases, scores) at one time or another, but given their short runs, low visibility, poor distribution and frangibility, they end up not being seen by a huge majority of the literary or haiku world. This archive will bring some of these interesting efforts to a larger audience. It is a furthering of the work of Tom Clausen, who published some of these reconsiderations on his Facebook page in 2011-present. Since that time, Jim Kacian has taken up the mantle, and we will release their selections once a week for as long as we have work to share—which is potentially forever.

Perhaps you would like to have one of your books featured on Book of the Week? Please contact us and we can discuss details. Our major goal is simply to offer these special reading experiences. We welcome any responses you might have to them. Enjoy!

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