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Celebration Fortnight — Wrap-Up

organizationToday is the last day of this year’s celebration. We hope you have enjoyed our overview of the many offerings to be found on a regular basis from The Haiku Foundation. We also hope you have been inspired to add your donation to the many we have received during this fundraising period. THF treasurer Tom Borkowski here offers a recap of these donations.

As we wrap up another successful Fundraiser for The Haiku Foundation, we would like to share how generous you have been in 2016.

There were a total of 29 donations in the amount of $2,299.00. Twenty three of these, totaling $1,899.00, came to us through PayPal; another five donors sent checks in the aggregate of $400.00.

Combining this with the support of an Anonymous Angel who has agreed to match every dollar contributed, the Foundation has received $4,598.00.

Barring any late-arriving check in the mail in the next day or two, this is the amount that THF very gratefully acknowledges this holiday season, a substantial boost from last year’s total of $2,175.00.

Thanks to our Fundraiser Donors:

		Rose Ades
		Mary Jo Balistreri
		Edna Beers
		Brad Bennett
		Robyn Black
		Chuck Brickley
		Kristen Deming
		Susan Diridoni
		Dennis Greene
		Simon Hanson
		David Jacobs
		Mary Kendall
		Michael Henry Lee
		John Levy
		Bob Lucky
		dl mattila
		Peter Newton
	        Polona Oblak
		Ellen Olinger
		Stella Pierides
		Joan Prefontaine
		Mike Rehling
		Betty Shropshire
		Sheila Sondik
		Jennifer Thiermann
		Marilyn Walker
		Kurt Westley
		Jenna Weston
		Billie Wilson
		and, of course, Anonymous

Once a year we ask the haiku community to help us meet our financial challenges. We reserve the period from Thanksgiving through St. Nicholas Day, the time our culture has has set aside to note our many blessings and show our appreciation. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed. If you have not done so yet, please take this opportunity to help us continue our work — details on our donation page. Again this year we have the support of an anonymous angel who will double your donations — for every dollar you commit, the Foundation receives $2. Please help us make the most of this generous offer, and thanks in advance for your support of The Haiku Foundation, and of haiku itself. We wish you a most happy holiday season.

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  1. I do not doubt that THF is a valuable resource for the haiku community. I am an occasional visitor to the site, and while I enjoy these visits, I have yet to find it invaluable to me. That could change, as and if I deepen my delve into haiku. Indeed I do feel a bit remiss in not at least contributing a little. That too could change.

    My sense is that only a small portion of the “community” uses the site. Many well known names
    are absent, though they can be found in the archives, posting at a time when people like Scott Metz
    were involved. Seems like re:Virals, for example, could be compelling, but mostly appeals right now to a small group, judging by the responses I see. (I do check it each Friday).

    So it seems to me that many people who are occasional visitors like me, may not even know that
    there is a fund drive going on. Have they been contacted, by email or snail mail or whatever means,
    with an appeal? That might help.


  2. As a Haiku Foundation volunteer, I want to say thanks to the 30 people who contributed funds this year. Your generosity is needed and very much appreciated, as is the effort of all the volunteers.

    I must say, however, that the amount of money raised this year, apart from the matching funds, is a big disappointment to me. There is every indication from user statistics and elsewhere that The Haiku Foundation is a popular and useful addition to the English language haiku community. But such a response by the many who used and enjoyed the foundation’s website to the few whose thousands of hours of effort, dedication and skill made it possible during the last year is, frankly, sad.
    We can definitely do better.

    Garry Eaton
    Digital Librarian
    The Haiku Foundation

  3. Please include my donation of $50 which I generally do each year but time got away from me this year. Sent the check out in this morning’s mail. All best and thank you for this wealth of information and haiku enjoyment. –Peter

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