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Book of the Week: Alachua

Ken Leibman founded South by Southeast (then a newsletter) and was perhaps the most democratic editor Frogpond has ever seen. He was also a noted poet with a strong regional bent, as evidenced in this handsome chapbook from 1990 (druidoaks).…

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Book of the Week: Illuminations

These poems by William Eiden can be said to border on the ecstatic—exact limnings of particular moments that are essential to the poet’s mind-space. This volume (self-published, 2004) also raises the question of the transmissibility of such moments, and of…

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Book of the Week: Anti-War Haiku

Mike Chasty’s thematic chapbook (self-published, 2006) embraces a topic that concerns us all, and that hasn’t become less pressing since he essayed it. It would be interesting to test his hypothesis (back cover) but we’ve never known a moment that…

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Book of the Week: Distant Thunder

S. L. Poulter was an early advocate of formal variety within the traditional haiku genre. He essayed the rarest of haiku formats—the occasional two-liner—along with four-liners, and the cantilevered middle line may be his invention. This chapbook was a product…

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