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Book of the Week: Anti-War Haiku

Mike Chasty’s thematic chapbook (self-published, 2006) embraces a topic that concerns us all, and that hasn’t become less pressing since he essayed it. It would be interesting to test his hypothesis (back cover) but we’ve never known a moment that…

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Book of the Week: Distant Thunder

S. L. Poulter was an early advocate of formal variety within the traditional haiku genre. He essayed the rarest of haiku formats—the occasional two-liner—along with four-liners, and the cantilevered middle line may be his invention. This chapbook was a product…

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Book of the Week: stone buddha

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk, who, in his early days in haiku published as Dennis Dutton, penned one of the tautest and most compelling themed individual collections in English-language haiku, published by tel-let in 2009. You can read the entire book in…

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Book of the Week: rose stems

Doreen King has been General Secretary of the British Haiku Society and editor of Time Haiku. Her distinctive voice is evident in this strong collection, edited by vince tripi, from Tribe Press (2007). You can read the entire book in…

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