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Book of the Week: row of pine

Jeff Winke has been writing and editing strong haiku for four decades. This attractive chapbook, from Distant Thunder Press in 1988, finds him at his robust best, with his special feel for environments well on display. You can read the…

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Book of the Week: Taste of Summer

Charles B. Dickson’s work dropped out of view for a time, and perhaps exhibiting his work here will help people reacquaint themselves with his consistent quality. This attractive chapbook was published by Skyefield Press in 1988. You can read the…

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Book of the Week: the old tin roof

Marlene Mountain is the doyenne of English-language haiku. She burst upon the scene with the publication of this iconic chapbook, self-published in 1976, which contains many of her early classics, making it an excellent volume with which to inaugurate our…

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