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The maddening process of submitting poems

The latest .Haiku column for the Haiku Society of America focuses on "The maddening process of submitting poems." "Back in the day, submitting to poetry magazines was a very different beast. We formed support groups for each other because of…

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It's National Haiku Writing Month!

Once again, it is National Haiku Writing Month! Just like novelists and musicians who have months designated to inspire them: National Novel Writing Month and National Solo Album Month, so do haiku poets! I wonder why they are all in…

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Do we need this haiku?

I heard something inspiring during yesterday's commute, Krista Tippett's radio show, On Being. This episode was about creativity. Her guest was Neuropsychologist Rex Jung. When asked to define creativity, he fleshed out three components. Ideally, in his opinion, a creative…

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What is it about compact poems?

What is it about compact poetry that makes it special? Makes it seem more charged? For me, compact poems are all essence. Sometimes, a small poem can be a good sign that the poet put the pen down before the…

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What is the essence of modern American haiku?

It's mind boggling how much there really is to learn about haiku. The majority of haiku practitioners agree at this point that the 5/7/5 syllable count doesn't translate into English. Take that away and you could get haiku like this from Arizona Zipper:…

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