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Book of the Week – Too Small for Meat by Nigerian Poet Barnabas Adeleke

An excerpt from the Forward by Elaine Andre – “A voice is rising in Africa, vibrating with its sense of place. Barnabas Adeleke’s haiku overcome Nigeria’s two-season limitation of either dry wind or rain. His gift as a storyteller eschews ego and artifice in favor of a more universal truth with enduring quality, which has garnered rapid acknowledgment among a wide array of international haiku venues.” Be sure to check out his Poet Profile in the Haiku Registry.

a bite
beyond my hand’s reach . . .
these mosquitoes

Ramadan fast —
the sickle moon gaining

saluting a mannequin . . .
Christmas fair

housewarming . . .
a swarm of honey bees
in the crawl space

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library and please share your favorite poem from the book with us.

Do you have a chapbook published in 2018 or earlier that you would like featured as a Book of the Week? Contact us for details. Haiku featured in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by THF Digital Librarian Dan Campbell and are used with permission.

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  1. These haiku/senryu are thoughtfully crafted.

    Barnabas Adeleke has a keen sight which is one of the best skills a haikuist should possess.

  2. Thank you again, Dan, for welcome variations in our haiku diet.

    I liked quite a few of these. Several struck me as original and thought-provoking, in the spirit of better haiku / senryu; and showing a keen haikai appreciation of the human condition. I particularly liked:

    machine-gun fire
    the cassocked priest scampers
    to a nearby mosque

    class reunion
    the most likely to succeed
    begs for a ride home

    full moon . . .
    watchmen answering whistles
    with whistles

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