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Book of the Week: The Sudden Sneeze



We have all experienced a sudden sneeze in the midst of doing something else. At best, a mild surprise. At its worst, a possibly life-threatening reflex. In this Book of the Week, The Sudden Sneeze, self-published by Lesley Einer in 1991, the author uses senryu to suggest the havoc a sudden sneeze might cause in a wide variety of circumstances. You will be amazed, and amused.


vestal virgin
tending the eternal flame
the sudden sneeze


turning up a hem
mouth bristling with pins
the sudden sneeze


holy communion
splattering the host
the sudden sneeze


You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

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Haiku featured in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by THF Digital Librarian Garry Eaton, and are used with permission.

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  1. late summer flowers . . .
    the joy
    of a good sneeze


    The Heron’s Nest XI:3

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