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Book of the Week: still light, still shadow

hullcover1Kevin Hull was an active presence in the haiku world of the later 1990s, published in all the major journals and active in the publishing side of things. still light, still shadow (White Heron Press, 1997) is probably his best-known work, a quiet set of poems that have held their resonance nicely over a couple decades, as is evident from these examples.

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

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unreasonable joy — one foot in front of the other
fly in the window curled on its back in sunlight — a world beyond reach
first snow . . . the dark patches where she rolled

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    1. Hello – I believe a ‘murder’ of crows is the term used for a plurality / multiple / a flock….of crows. I know, who would think it. Regards / Gwen (new to this website)

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