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Book of the Week: Shorelines

mariano-englandcover1Tony Mariano and Bruce England were, by their own admission, two haiku novices in the late 1990s whose ambition was to create a chapbook to achieve some small degree of presence in the English haiku writing world. The result was Shorelines (Small Poetry Press, 1998), wherein they share space, but interestingly do not indicate whose work any individual poem might be. This (egoless?) model was adopted on a couple of occasions following, but remains a most intriguing process.

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

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A lost world’s ruins these massive redwood pillars holding up the sky
In the morning our campsite was laced with mole-burrows
She built a fire not for the whole outdoors just for our hands

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  1. I enjoyed the California vibe of Shorelines. My favorite haiku is:

    Never such a rain!
    the hills of Carmel glitter
    with the fallen stars

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