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Book of the Week: row of pine


Jeff Winke has been writing and editing strong haiku for four decades. This attractive chapbook, from Distant Thunder Press in 1988, finds him at his robust best, with his special feel for environments well on display.

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

All haiku in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by Tom Clausen, and are used with permission.

row of pine each in its own way on icy gray sky
winter moraine silence of sumac... the howl of wind
March evening walk house after house the cold blue flicker
rural diner the waitress's sincerity: "Have a nice day."
strung between  the farmhouse and hen house a quilt of Amish gowns
into the gut of this hot August day- rotting pears
highway heat the chalky Olds convertible his white hair blowing
spilled moonlight on a near-calm lake I bathe in her touch
last week's mail still spread on the kitchen table- late morning sun
my spiral notebook- the day's pattern uncoils
alone today- the sound of rain as it leaves the sky
circle of birches her face not yet in full shadow
damp night a rip in the distance the nearing motorcycle
taped to the page among yellowed war clippings the steel penny
leaning into the fog the bus driver adjusts his glasses
After Shiki: glancing back the woman I passed grows lovelier

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  1. Dear Jeff, Wonderful to see your book featured here. Although we have not met, I went and found my copy, signed by you in 1996. One of the reasons I remember is because Distant Thunder Press is in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin – where I grew up, lived until I was 18, and where my mother lived until about ten years ago (until her last illness). Love seeing the pine, the moraine, sumac, the sincerity of a waitress in a rural restaurant . . . poems all so lovely and true.

    Perfect for Earth Day too – founded by Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin – and also featured in Montage!

    Thanks, Ellen

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