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Book of the Week: Raising the Moon Vines


Gerald Vizenor is the best-known Native American proponent of English-language haiku. This was his first full-length book, its original version being released in 1964 (Callimachus Press).

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

Do you have a chapbook published 2009 or earlier you would like featured as a Book of the Week? Contact us for details.

Haiku featured in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by Jim Kacian, following a concept first explored by Tom Clausen, and are used with permission.

one early morning the old red water wheel began to squeak
did the old gray stump remember his strength today raising the moon vines
crests of waves chase the shore birds and leave traces of foam
morning glories bounce with the umbrellas heavy with rain
school children on the road to literature march in the leaves
snow angels reach across the river bank all the way home

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  1. Thank you – I enjoyed reading Gerald Vizenor’s book so much this early morning. I was interested to see that the book was published by Nodin Press in Minneapolis, MN. Over the years, I’ve seen many books by presses in MN in bookstores in Wisconsin – by poets whose work I hadn’t seen other places.

    Was also interested to learn of Gerald Vizenor’s work as a social worker, given my family of teachers and others who work in various helping professions. I kept a small book of poetry in my book bag. Gave me strength.

    In Jim’s selection for this post, my favorite is “did the old gray stump.” I see many old trees here with new growth – my recovery image after an illness some time ago. These poems touch the heart.

    May I also add these poems from this excellent book:

    old windmill
    locked with rust over the well
    takes on the wind

    shiny black birds
    perch on a broken windmill
    and spread their wings

    by Gerald Vizenor

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