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Book of the Week: Light on the Mountain


Laurie Stoelting’s beautiful paean to Mt. Tamalpais (tribe press, 2008) has drawn the attention of not only haiku poets, but naturalists, scientists, hikers, other poets, and just about everyone who has had a look at this book. You’ll see why here.

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

All haiku in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by Tom Clausen, and are used with permission.

to a chorus of crickets the earth gives up its light
moonrise . . . night swells the sound of the creek
out of the hermit thrush out of the valley one song
we hike the canyon all your words filling the space
the hummingbird's red throat he stops my breath
purr of the reel a cormorant's wingbeat sweeps the lake
mountain dust covers my boots the descending night
rhythm of the stream— retracing my path in darkness
creek roaring the single note of a varied thrush
ocean wind wave lapping wave in the live grass
early lupine all the heat in the parked car
whitewater it took the moonlight to show me

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  1. My favorite Laurie Stoelting haiku in the selections made by Clausen : ” rhythm of the stream—” .

  2. As Alan Summers said, a lovely book. Thank you to Laurie W. Stoelting for her poetry, and the cover photo by Eric Stoelting is also beautiful.

    And as always thanks to Tom, Jim, and all who bring these books to us each week. It seems THF Digital Library is really growing!

  3. A lovely book as well as a well-written collection of poetry capturing a whole mountain.

    Incredible work.

    the sound of surf
    up windless hills

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