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Book of the Week: In the Margins of the Sea


Christopher Herold writes poems which reflect his active engagement with zen and meditation, and also his environment by the sea. This chapbook from Snapshot Press (2000) captures both of these areas of interest expertly.

Snapshot Press declines to make this book available to The Haiku Foundation Digital Library at this time.

All haiku in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by Tom Clausen, and are used with permission.

with each step up the beetle slides further down the dune
sunny beach — the grain of sand on my page has a shadow
weathered wooden walk grains of sand blown in, blown out of a knothole
foghorns — we lower a kayak into the sound
cocking his head my dog doesn't understand harbor seals
in and out of a driftwood lean-to seagull tracks
early morning light the locals first to gather things left by waves
river's end — the sound of my name in the hiss of receding surf
the ocean's curve two tankers pass through each other
curling paint shadows lighthouse walls the sound of breakers
tide receding another starfish left to the sun
a touch — the sea anemone swallows itself
summer nightfall the lamp on a tall mast sways among stars
harbor stillness — a sailboat moored to the Milky Way
dawn — a ship's running lights twinkle among setting stars

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  1. Christopher Herold’s haiku remain some of my all-time favorites. As with his beautiful book A Path in the Garden, In the Margins of the Sea reinforces the qualities I look for in superior haiku: astute observation, thoughtfulness, sensuousness, affinity with the natural world, and depth of feeling.

  2. I agree with Gene on Christopher Herold’s ” foghorns–”, of course. Fine work.
    Then there’s the charm of ” with each step up” and the meditative ” sunny beach–”.

  3. One of my favorite people, editor, and poets.


    is one of my all-time favorite haiku. Excellent idea,
    thank you for sharing!


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