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Book of the Week: Found Haiku

zheng_foundhaikuJianqing Zheng teaches university-level literature and specializes in the haiku of Richard Wright, so I can’t tell if this interesting experiment (Yazoo River Press, 2006) is a wild hair or part of a larger process. In any case, it’s quite unlike anything else — haiku extracted from Eudora Welty’s novel Delta Wedding (Harcourt, 1973).

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

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Haiku featured in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by Jim Kacian, and are used with permission.

evening glow — a song out of a window of a tall white house
summer moonshine — the dripping girl out of the river
missing her dead husband — a little kiss on the back of the neck
a little light twinkling far out on the river this starless night
morning cool — robins feed in the radius of the hose
flat Delta — most of the world is the blue sky

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  1. Thank you. I am reading Eudora Welty’s letters from different edited books. Her descriptions of nature and creativity seem to flow from a contemplative soul, who loved and cared deeply, and worked so hard. I don’t know all her stories and novels, so far, though can imagine there are many poems in her prose.


    There is a lot of encouragement in letters and memoirs by artists. Sometimes the years to complete a work, the inability to see one’s work and the invaluable help from an editor, the belief of a publisher . . . all can be seen when a collection that spans years of life is read now.


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