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Book of the Week: finding the way


Paul Miller, writing under paul m. and current editor of Modern Haiku, debuted with this beautiful evocation of nature (Press Here, 2002), wherein one can discover the beginnings of a style he has since developed into a distinctive and lapidary manner.

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

All haiku in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by Tom Clausen, and are used with permission.

ripening blueberries a river carries sunlight down the valley
unpacking the map — a mountain spring crosses the trail
a brook growing louder wild violets
that chipmunk again river sunlight skipping leaf to leaf
cold wind on the granite slope marmot scat
lake view the map left by another traveler
milky way the thud of acorns as they fall
a coyote call goes unanswered evening star
autumn creek the thrush hops to a smaller rock
falling leaves the rusty wheelbarrow heavy with stones
hawks circling without shadows a fallow field
uphill trail the scarred trunk of a giant sequoia
barren peak a pebble from the meadow in my pocket
a friend departs last night's snowfall atop the interstate bus

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  1. Haiku such as ” ripening blueberries”, ” a brook”, and ” lake view” show what a talented poet Paul Miller is.

  2. Since first reading Paul’s award winning poem “migrating whales, ”
    The Heron’s Nest, he instantly became one of my favorite poets.

    This book is a treasure, and an instant favorite:

    autumn creek
    the thrush hops
    to a smaller stone

  3. Wonderful haiku, every one becomes a favorite as I read them.


    the shelter of a tree–
    neither of us knows
    the other’s name

    mountain stars
    a scent of honeysuckle
    from across the river

    shutter room;
    I enter
    with tulips

    Crystal pure work.

    warm regards,

    Alan, With Words

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