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Book of the Week: 39 Blossoms


Elizabeth Searle Lamb’s earliest published haiku date from the 1970s, well before her time as editor of Frogpond. Here is some of that early work, from High/Coo Press in 1982.

You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

All haiku in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by Tom Clausen, and are used with permission.

as the leaves fall an old treehouse out back coming to light
shimmering beneath the glaze, blue brush strokes on the Chinese ginger jar
finding a threaded needle rusted into one of the unfinished Crazy Quilt blocks
the old album: not recognizing at first my own young face
still this morning hanging from a cobweb strand, the leaf that broke it
the emptiness where the eyes were in the shed snakeskin
the bright red truck moves off in its own dustcloud
the meadowlark holding down the fencepost with song leaving all the morning glories closed

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  1. When I saw this book by Elizabeth Searle Lamb, I remembered she was born in 1917, the same year as my mother. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I bought ACROSS THE WINDHARP, Collected & New Haiku by Elizabeth Searle Lamb. Miriam Sagan, Editor. Preface by William J. Higginson. (Published by La Alameda Press in New Mexico, in 1999.) I’m not sure, but interesting the many ways we connect with authors, that they may never know. The beauty and mystery of that . . .

    I enjoyed 39 Blossoms. Thank you. Ellen

  2. Tom Clausen’s selection hits all the high points.
    Thanks Tom.
    I especially enjoyed the treehouse ‘coming to light’. A perfect choice of words.

  3. I was fortunate enough to have haiku accepted by Elizabeth Searle Lamb whilst she was the Haiku Society of America’s Frogpond journal editor, in my early years, and I’m still deeply indebted.

    This haiku (from the above collection) blew me away:

    the meadowlark
    holding down the fencepost
    with song

    Elizabeth Searle Lamb


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