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Haiku Bibliography 1.2 (MS Word . 6 Mb), edited by Charles Trumbull.

For many years, Charles Trumbull, former editor of Modern Haiku, has been working toward a complete bibliography of works of and about haiku and related short-form poetry in English and other Western languages. The Haiku Foundation is happy to make this bibliography available online.

The bibliography is very much a work in progress. As Charles writes in his Introduction: “A Haiku Bibliography version 1.2 is a single Microsoft Word file that was created from fielded data in a database program. In the future we hope to deploy the data on this Web site in individual fields, which would allow complex user searches, such as “find reviews by David Cobb” or “find haiku publications in California in the 1980s.” For now, however, we are limited to simple text searches through the whole document. . . .”

Help us develop this haiku bibliography into an accurate, comprehensive resource.

Send your corrections, additions, and suggestions to Charles Trumbull at ctrumbull/at/ (replacing /at/ with @).

For other haiku bibliographies, see the Haiku Theses, Dissertations and Bibliographies collection in our Digital Library.

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