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At the Top of the Ferris Wheel, selected haiku of ELH pioneer Cor van den Heuvel is The Haiku Foundation’s third publication.

At the Top gathers into one place all the Chant Press chapbooks, along with many collections printed by other small presses, the haiku from Cor’s book of childhood haibun, A Boy’s Seasons, and more. This sumptuous 300+ page collection was designed and produced for The Haiku Foundation by Red Moon Press, and is the most complete record of van den Heuvel’s poetic accomplishments available.

How to Get a Copy

The only way you can get a copy of this terrific collection is by donating $30 or more to The Haiku Foundation. The work of all those involved in the project has been donated to the advancement of the Foundation, to create an incentive premium unique to us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

(Note: If you receive a copy of At the Top of the Ferris Wheel in exchange for your donation to The Haiku Foundation, and then claim your donation against your Federal Income Tax, you must deduct $10 from your donation (the nominal cost of the premium).)

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