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April is the Kindest Month

April, as you all know, is National Poetry Month. During April The Haiku Foundation announces its HaikuNow! Contest Winners, ships its Touchstone Book and Poem Awards to its winners, and, beginning in 2012, will sponsor activities on National Haiku Poetry Day, April 17. It’s also the month that spring becomes apparent to most of us in the Norther Hemisphere, and so the renewal of the cycle is uplifting and encouraging to us as well.

What is also true is that April has been the most important month for donations for the Foundation, a tradition we would like to maintain. To that end, an anonymous donor has stepped forward to help make it so. This donor has offered to double all contributions to the Foundation, without limit, through the end of the month. This means your $50 donation will be matched by his/her $100 donation, effectively tripling your contribution. 

The Foundation has never had such an opportunity before, and we are eager to make the most of it, and hope you will be as well. We urge you to send cash, check or money order to the address on our Donate page, or use the Paypal button on that page (where you can use your credit card as well as funds from your Paypal account). The Foundation has many improvements and upgrades scheduled for this year, so please help us to keep it in good financial shape. Thank you for your continued support.

Jim Kacian
The Haiku Foundation

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  1. Dear Sari Grandstaff,

    Thank you for so much for clarifying this. It does make a lot of sense in America, and even in Britain, Spring is a better season when everyone has Christmas on their mind around 21st and 22nd December.

    all my best,

    Alan, With Words

  2. The date of National Haiku Poetry Day will change to Apr. 17 starting next year. It was formerly observed on the winter solstice which falls on Dec. 21 or Dec. 22, hence the slight variance in date from year to year. I founded the day several years ago but now am collaborating with The Haiku Foundation as a member of The National Haiku Poetry Day committee and they have many excellent ideas.

  3. Three cheers for all you do and Anon. too! As someone struggling to put together a non-profit (, I can only rejoice. I’ll go to Paypal right now!

  4. Great news about the anonymous donor who will match all other donations. 😉

    I’m intrigued about two National Haiku Poetry Days, but it does make sense to have one in April as more and more poets from outside America embrace April as a whole month of poetry.

    I’m writing haiku once a day for the NaHaiWriMo page as well as writing a haiku a day for NaPoWriMo.

    The other National Haiku Poetry Day is in December and either December 21st or December 22nd which shows it’s not accurately supported. 😉

    As I’m someone who regularly works in both the education sector, as well as with the public, I’ll be very interested if sponsorship is international re “and, beginning in 2012, will sponsor activities on National Haiku Poetry Day, April 17.”

    Although I have had individual requests to run workshops in the States, which I’d like to consider for next year.

    all my best,

    Alan, With Words

  5. Looking forward to it all, Jim. Can’t thank you for all the work you guys do.

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