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Announcing the Per Diem Archive

Following a year of wonderful, exciting monthly Per Diem collections warmly received by readers and participating poets alike, we are pleased to announce a brand new resource: the Per Diem Archive.

In this Archive, all past Per Diem collections are entered as closely to the intention of their editors as possible, permitting readers to sample every haiku in its context. Each new haiku that appears in the Per Diem: Daily Haiku panel will eventually appear in the archive, in the monthly collection under the editor’s name. This is a rich haiku resource, reflecting each editor’s personal take on her/his chosen theme, including their brief introductions.

View the full Archive. You can also find it by going to the home page and clicking through > Main menu > Haiku > Per Diem Archive.

So visit, check out the archive drawers, air the poems, and enjoy! And don’t forget to tell your friends!

Stella Pierides
Project Manager

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  1. This is great! Already it’s been a huge help. At the time I’m struggling with new ways of revealing what the haiku is to me as it comes… and this is just what I need to help me explore many ways of approaching them. So many thanks I can’t count them!

  2. As some of you have noticed, the Per Diem archive includes collections that have not yet been displayed. For example, the item “Per Diem Archive: Kirsten Cliff September 2013” really is a collection that will be displayed in September of 2013.

    The current Per Diem archive is not designed to distinguish between “old” collections and “new” collections. To make it do so would be a significant expense, and we decided not to make that change at this time.

    So, for now, future collections will show up in the archive. We’ll see how this goes.

  3. Hi Dafne! We know the month, but not the exact day of the month the poems appear. They get picked randomly by the software… so it is a surprise. Keep checking!

  4. Do you know what date this should be? “Per Diem Archive: Kirsten Cliff September 2013”

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