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Announcing the New Sri Lanka Haiku Association Website

The Sri Lanka Haiku Association celebrates their 6th anniversary on January 5, 2024, by hosting an event at the National Library Auditorium in Colombo, with the participation of distinguished guests and the members of the Sri Lanka Haiku Association. Eight haiku books and the new website will be launched on the day.

Subhashini Jayatilake
International Coordinator
Sri Lanka Haiku Association

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  1. I’m so proud of being a senior member of the Sri Lanka Haiku Foundation from the beginning. We have won so many international Haiku competitions conducted by various international journals. I’m very happy to say that I also have that pleasure when my Haiku poems are appeared in those journals. I have written the first bilingual Haiku poetry book Sri Lanka in 2022 “Dew Scattered Flower Petals ” which is available in Australia in our International coordinator’s Subhashini Jayatilake’s hands. I wish Sri Lanka Haiku Foundation will enlighten the International Haiku genre in a very remarkable way ❤❤

  2. Dear Jim, first I want to wish you and everyone at The Haiku Foundation a fantastic, inspirational New Year filled with love and joy! Moreover, I have a question: could you please provide the link to the new Sri Lanka Haiku Association website? Many thanks for all you do for the worldwide haiku community. Fondly, Michael ??

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