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Announcing the Hiroaki Sato Special Collection in the THF Library

The Haiku Foundation has obtained the haiku library of haiku poet, editor, commentator and translator Hiroaki Sato. Central to the donation is a gathering of 90 volumes in Japanese, titled the Hiroaki Sato Special Collection, which includes volumes new and old, some of which are out of print and/or rare and valuable. The Foundation thanks Hiro for his generous gift, and acknowledges the invaluable help of Fay Aoyagi in cataloguing the collection so they may appear in the library.

We hope you will consider making The Haiku Foundation part of your estate planning. This can include cash donations, libraries, archives and other haiku resources. Contact us if you would like to discuss this. We can also offer help you explore Assignment of Copyright.

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  1. What a great gift! I hope that these Japanese books will find a way to being translated, so we the poets studying English Language Haiku can also enjoy them! ???

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