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and the winner is . . .


– Sails –

Submitted by Antonella Filippi


Antonella’s “Sails” was chosen from over 80 submissions. For her winning submission, she will receive a copy of John Wills’ out of print haiku collection, Reed Shadows.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted names.

Sails, a section devoted to the introduction of a question on the nature and possibilities of haiku, followed, we hope, by a healthy discussion by anyone interested, will be conducted by Peter Yovu. This new section should set sail sometime during the next few weeks. Stay tuned. And, in the meantime, see to your ships and be on the ready.

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  1. that could be a new concept Peter: Catch n’ Pitch. . .

    “Sails,” is a good name, and congratulations Antonella!

    Have a fun and safe holiday everyone.

  2. Correction: I must have slipped into the “sales” department. Make that


    After all, when we go sailing, we may want to catch a few fish.

  3. A quick post re: “Sails”. First, I too would like to congratulate Antonella. I often quote Emerson who said: “Every word was once a poem”. I think one could draw sustenance from the word “sails” for a long time.

    I see this section of the blog as a kind of forum in which questions, concerns, developments and all manner of ideas and gut-feelings about haiku can be presented and discussed. Already, in the short history of the blog a number of matters worth pondering have arisen. I will elaborate on this later, but my fervent hope is that many readers will participate. All views are welcome.

    If you would like me to email you with some subjects for discussion which will likely emerge in the coming weeks, please email me at
    pyovu(at) and I will send you a few seeds in advance to plant in your imagination. (Imagination itself being something to ponder). Or just email me if you have any thoughts about any of this.

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