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A Sad Update for Our Everest Poem

You’ll recall that Alan Bridges reported that his haiku was one of many artifacts accompanying an ascent of Mt. Everest. He sends this update which speaks of a horrific turn of events:

Terrible disaster on Everest. From base camp, we heard the roar of the avalanche just before 6am. It swept accross the top of the icefall, just below camp 1. In one of the worst mountaineering disasters ever, 13 Sherpas are confirmed dead, including 3 from our team. Another 2 are critical, now being evacuated from base camp hospital. One of the injured Sherpas was long lined down to the hospital. Our climbing team stretchered the other injured Sherpa from the heli pad to the hospital. A horrible thing; we are devastated. One available photo shows our guide Dean Staples managing the heli pad operations.

Sorry to have to report this terrible news.

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  1. Yes. The sad news reached me before this notification.
    So sorry for all. I have heard it was the mighty sherpas going ahead into the Khumbu Ice Fall (between base camp 1 & 2) first to make ready for the following climbing teams. They died making a living for themselves and their families…a very sad day indeed.

  2. Absolutely horrifying news. I pray for those who have lost their life & for those who have survived & are critical as well for the climbing team.

  3. This is absolutely horrible. My prayers and heart go out to everyone on the mountain and their families. No one is left untouched by an incident like this.

  4. prayers — for the survivors, the souls of those who have left us, and for families, friends, and the climbing team.

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